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OOC: If you haven't noticed..... [03 May 2005|12:30pm]

[ mood | confused ]

If you haven't noticed I've not been playing the RP for a while (Cher and Dalila)...this is due to the fact that alot of stuff got in the way for instance like school, life and whatever. So...I desided to come back now....I hope I didn't ruin anything with my absence....if I did sorry. I didn't mean!

So can anyone give me a quick rundown of what happened since I left again? Thanks....

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[02 May 2005|09:28pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Things happened in a flash. First, Darcia was distracting a guard while Hige freed Blue. Then there was violence as the all fought off the guards. And then they were running so fast that Darcia's legs were aching and the blood was pounding in his ears.

But despite all of this rush, in the back of his mind was the happy thought that they were soon to be free-- they were all together and they'd be out of Jagara's castle. Hige and Blue were ahead of the rest, leading the way to freedom, and when the scent of fresh air filled Darcia's nose, he could almost feel the grass beneath his feet.

And then, quite suddenly, it changed.

Hige and Blue were gone... the door that they had escaped from closed shut with a resounding snap.

"My Lord Darcia!" Neza cried out as Darcia stared blankly at the dull grey wall. "Cheza... she's... she seems faint." The group seemed to grow more and more tense by the moment and the former noble was the one that everyone stared at for answers.

"Damnit!" The black furred wolf cried out in frustration, seeing the nearly pained, pale look on Cheza's face. "We have to get out of here! Cheza needs moonlight. We need freedom."

"The door's shut," Toboe spoke in a half whimper. "What are we going to do?"

"We'll have to bust this door down. We need to get out. Now!"

With that, Darcia ran into the wall that held them from freedom. Over and over, he threw his body into the door, hoping that it would give. "Help me!" He cried in between groans of pain. "We can get this down if we work together."

(OOC:...I hope...^^; )

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[02 May 2005|12:09am]

Hige felt the relief of Darcia's help. He swooped down and grabbed Blue, and ran to tuck her in a safe place. When he returned to Darcia's side, he helped him finish off the rest of the guards. Panting and limping, Hige ran and grabbed Blue and hurriedly darted to a door where it opened as he approached it. "This way!" he shouted to Darcia and the others as he passed by.

He ran down the hall to the familiar door which led outside. With every step, the headache that had pounded inside his brain earilier was now evaporating and the scent of Blue kept his feet moving.

Hige turned watch the others approach, then hit the door and it whooshed open to the scent of grass, moonlight, and the fresh air. Blue and Hige were the first to step onto the grass.
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[01 May 2005|11:07pm]

Hey guys..we really need to start posting .... REALLY.. its dying...come on.... pretty please....
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[23 Apr 2005|08:40am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Do i need to find a new Tsume and Cher? i'm assumeing our Kiba is back. if youguys need help or info on the story line my aim is: dontmakmeblue

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[21 Apr 2005|04:44pm]

*OOC Howl*

Where'd everyone go?

*looks around*
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[12 Apr 2005|08:32pm]

(OCC: For the other part of this fight. Kiba, don't forget about Cheza... GREAT to have you back, luv.. Btw, Blue.. you're welcome to help out any way you can... Tsume.. where are YOU? Toboe? :( Post please! XD)

Hige couldn't believe this was happening, this wasn't the way he planned it. Blue was not suppose to be held by force, that damned guard was not supposed to be there. Jagara must of been behind this. This couldn't of happened due to his own stupidity? Could it?

The brown wolf felt the hackles on his back rise as anger flooded over him. He made sure not to take his eyes off Blue as Darcia darted past him and Tsume in full attack mode. Soldiers tossed the chain at one another, depending on who could get to their weapon first. Her neck was tugged left and right and she seemed bruised already. Hige could smell the blood.

He felt his paws leave the ground, and was carried to each solider in what seemed like super fast motion. Without mercy, every guard he touched wouldn't see the day of light.

Hige leaned against something furry, giving a quick look at Darcia before jumping back at the main solider guarding Blue. He was putting up an excellent fight with a mixture of the chain, the gun, a choice knife, his fists and otherwise brute strength. Everywhere Hige attacked the solider guarded and knocked him away. Blue was struggling herself but could not help Hige, she seemed to have trouble standing after all the fighting that had been going on in the past two or three minutes.

Hige grew more restless, afraid of what would happen if the gun went off in Blue's direction. He finally growled loudly "Help!"
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[12 Apr 2005|08:36am]

Kiba stopped abruptly. The scent of flowers had barely left his muzzle, leaving him with a deep and real sense of cold. Nearly burrowing into the ground, Kiba lay down and pressed his face into his paws, curling his tail inward in a protective gesture. It felt empty, wandering away from his instincts, having always followed them since the time he had remembered. It was a painful reminder of the reality of the human race--restriction, containment, purposefully forcing oneself to disobey instinct in order to obey social standard. It hurt.

He needed the warmth and security back.

He needed Cheza.

((Sorry, guys...I'm here. Anyone care to recap for me?))
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[11 Apr 2005|09:45pm]


Hige's being all untrustworthy and Darcia got the rest of the pack together ..Tsume, Toboe, Cheza & Neze.. now they're all waiting for that fluffy wolf. But Blue was being wrestled to the ground by guards.


Hige almost smirked at Darcia's comments. He knew the black wolf wasn't dumb. Half of Hige did not trust Darcia, mainly because seemed to turn everyone against Kiba, but half of him was thankful he didn't take a huge chunk out of his neck.

Hige lift his eyebrow in that cocky position and gave that surreal smile, acting like his lazy ole self again. He realized he said too much when he told Darcia of where the room with the other wolves were. He wondered to himself if there were others in there besides Blue.

A pained call of a familiar wolf echoed the hallway. "Blue?" He asked like he recalled a familiar name. Hige whipped his head in the direction of the sound, his feet leaving the ground before his body followed. Running in a pace fast enough so the others would keep up, without thinking, he jumped a solider hiding in the shadows, taking a bite of his neck. As the solider fell, his gun went off, shooting bullets until he hit the floor. The sound of gunshot snapped every guard into attention, and they could tell there were some charging. Hige quickly met Darcia's eyes with innocence. That wasn't suppose to happen.

Seeing the others were still safe, Hige led the group, who were now a lot closer to the brown wolf, down the hallway he mentioned. Guards began pouring into the way, blocking the door with the diamond crest.

Hige's paws stopped his quick movements as he saw who they were bringing out on a thick chain. He froze in spot as he saw the midnight blue wolf struggling to get free.

"Blue!" Hige cried out.
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[11 Apr 2005|12:53am]
[ mood | tired ]

Blue paced the cell, frustrated. She darted from one corner to the next vigorously sniffing the ground in a panic. The door to the cell open, her ears perked up. She could smell blood, Hige's blood. "Hige!" she screamed. Two soldiers wrestled her to the ground.

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[10 Apr 2005|10:57am]

(occ: I just realized everyone's waiting for me! XD)


Toboe's head turned as Hige wandered into the room. The pups eyes brightened as he saw his friend. "Hige ! your ok! We were so worried!" . The pup started running over to his friend.....

Darcia watched Hige's expression carefully as Toboe went running towards him. THe noble wolf was unsure if he could trust Hige... his mind had been tampered by Jagara. But because he saw no darkness in the chubby wolf's eye, Darcia did not stop Toboe. Still, he took a cautious stance... keeping his distance from the brown wolf. "Hige," Darcia spoke softly, his eyes watching the wolf carefully. "What happened with Jagara?"


Toboe's quick actions caused Hige to take a few quick steps backward. The brown wolf knew it was the hyperactive pup, but his head still felt light and the quick movement brought a cautious but brief growl to his throat. He watched Toboe stop with a confused look on his face, but he took attention to what Darcia asked.

Hige thought about what to say. He didn't want to mention that she had been brought to tears and was sitting on the ground watching her wound grow. He really didn't want to mention that he nuzzled her before he left. "She wants to kill you." Hige smiled stupidly. He probably already knew that, baka. "She wants to kill all of us, I'm lucky to have escape when I did. So are you." Hige looked at the others, first to Toboe. "Toboe, I'm sorry."

Hige noted Cheza watching the conversation and padded his way to her. "Cheza, we need to find Kiba. Can you call out to him or do that funky 'page him while he's running thing', or sing to him? You know, like you did in the series? We really need him back here."

Then a thought hit him.... his head shot back to Darcia. "Where's Blue? Do you know where she is?"
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[05 Apr 2005|12:32am]
[ mood | lazy ]

OOC: dalila_wolfrain I took the liberty of posting as Cher as well since I have been unable to get a hold of you.

IC Cher: "Cheza?!" Cher stammered. "You know about Cheza? How would you..." could it be? She smiled. so it's true, just like Dalila. Should I be so surprised? Cher leaned her head against the bars of the cell, hoping to get a glimpse of the inquisitive girl. "Is she alright?"

IC Blue: "Cheza...she is with... my friend's." Blue smiled to herself. "I'm positive she's ok." This was not the truth. She could only assume the others were safe. Only assume they were, Hige was, looking for her. Have they even noticed i'm gone?

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[05 Apr 2005|02:34am]

(OOC: Long but this covers three characters at once (Darcia, Hamona, Toboe). ^^ ENjoy).

Darcia saw almost immediately from the relieved expressions on their faces and from their scents that the group standing before him was unharmed, and quite surprised to see him there with his beloved unconscious on his back. He gave them all a grim smile.

"We need to get out of here," Darcia spoke softly as they all watched him curiously. The scent of dried blood and fear surrounded the noble. It was strange and all of them seemed to want to burst with questions but all were silent as Darcia moved uncomfortably. "But first..."

In a swift, gentle swoop, the noble placed Hamona onto the ground. Hovering above her, concern in his eyes, he whispered to her. "Hamona," he nudged her gently with his nose. "Wake up, love."

Toboe watched in shock as the noble came barreling around the corner, carrying the golden wolf . He nodded in agreement at the idea of making a hasty escape. " Come on Tsume..lets go!". At that moment Darcia attempted to wake the exhausted Harmona. "Hey.. is she ok? What happened to her?"

"It's a long story..." the noble responded softly, mostly preoccupied with Hamona. "She's allright... just lost consciousness. She..." the dark wolf paused, his voice growing strangely unsteady. "She performed magic and saved my life."

Toboe blinked in surprise. A wolf who could do magic? It was a rare thing indeed. The pup stared at the sleeping girl for a brief moment. " I'm glad she's ok..but we should get out of here."

Darcia turned to stare at the wolf pup with his good eye. "You're right. Just give me another moment." The noble went back to Hamona, gently pressing his nose to her muzzle. "Hamona," he whispered softly, "Beloved wake up. Please wake up."

Hamona stirred, slowly coming to as the dark wolf nuzzled her. Her eyes fluttered open slowly as started to regain conciousness. She gave a strained smile and managed to sit up with Darcia's assistance. "What happened? I passed out..?"

Darcia felt relief flood his system as Hamona woke. He nuzzled her softly as she sat, seeming to gain her bearings slowly. "You don't remember?" He asked softly. "I was dying. I'd been stabbed. You rushed and saved me... using magic." He smiled softly. "I owe you my life."

"Magic?" The golden wolf tilted her head. " I don't recall being able to do things like that..." she shuffled to her feet. "I'm glad you're alright though.. We best....go.....". Darcia could plainly see that Hamona was strugging with her desision about wether to leave or not. After all.. Jagara was still her sister..

Forgetting for the moment that Hamona had forgotten who he was and overcome with happiness that she was back with him, Darcia embraced the woman warmly. He could feel Hamona stiffen slightly at the gesture but he did not mind terribly. He was more grateful that the group was safe... almost all of them, anyway...

As he prepared to gather everyone in the room and find an escape, he heard soft footfalls. Expecting the worst, the black wolf twirled and faced the door. His eye widened. "Hige?"

Toboe's head turned as Hige wandered intot he room. The pups eyes brightened as he saw his friend. "Hige ! your ok! We were so worried!" . The pup started running over to his friend.....

Darcia watched Hige's expression carefully as Toboe went running towards him. THe noble wolf was unsure if he could trust Hige... his mind had been tampered by Jagara. But because he saw no darkness in the chubby wolf's eye, Darcia did not stop Toboe. Still, he took a cautious stance... keeping his distance from the brown wolf. "Hige," Darcia spoke softly, his eyes watching the wolf carefully. "What happened with Jagara?"
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[03 Apr 2005|11:59am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

O.O.C: I'd really like to get more of you posting, chill_shadow both me and our hubb have been trying to get ahold of you we both left messages at your regular journal as well as your rp journal you use here. we'd simply like to get your aim to contact you. If you no longer wish to be Cher let me know A.S.A.P

to our Kiba rinnychan I'd REALLY like you to post alot more. Kiba is an important part and I don't care if you are following a seperate story I would expect Kiba to post the most. If you don't want to be Kiba anymore let me know A.S.A.P

I'd also like to get our Tsume, inuzuka_ieshu posting more as well as Cheza, snapdragon76 although I'm aware that cheza is not currently doing much.

I have no idea what happened to our two custom characters misery_desoul & dina_silverwolf

I'm assumeing you two do not want to rp here anymore and will take you off the list unless informed other wise.

Please, anyone if you do not want to rpg here for any reason let me know and I'll find a replacement.

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[03 Apr 2005|01:09am]

(OCC: Harmona, I hope you don't mind I took some liberties with you "past character")

In a moment of weakness Jagara knelt down and grasped her bleeding leg. She could feel the pieces of broken armor that pierced it.

Damn wolf. He would pay for that.

The pain in her leg didn’t compare to the bleeding. And it didn’t compare to the strange pain she felt in her unmarked chest.

Harmona had saved Darcia despite not having any memory of him. She had saved him despite the story she had tried to plant in her mind. Her true feelings for Darcia were too strong. They were exhausting to fight against.


Jagara closed her eyes. When Harmona had leapt between the two of them, a memory of the past had flashed through her mind. The memory was from ages ago in a calmer time before any of the chaos. It was a time of elegance and regal-ness. It should have been blissful, but Jagara had never been satisfied with her place. She couldn’t stand to be a “proper and ideal lady” like her sister. She’d skip her lady lessons and go secretly watch the boys’s practice swords. She eventually managed to get a hold of her own sword and practiced on her own. She didn’t dare ask anyone to give her real lessons. The boys eventually found out and teased her about it. One day the teasing got so bad that the boys threatened the young Jagara with their swords. Harmona had thrown herself between them and begged them to stop, and of course they did. Harmona was the jewel of the court. Nobody questioned her because everything she did was right. A week later, one of the old swords masters offered to give Jagara lessons in swordsmanship secretly. When Jagara asked why, he told her to thank her sister.

Jagara confronted her sister shortly after this. “Why did you do this for me?”
“I didn’t want you to get hurt,” Harmona answered.
“You could have just told me to stop. Take the sword away from me.”
Harmona smiled. “But you wouldn’t have stopped. You would have taken it back or gotten another one. You’re much happier swinging around that thing than you are at dance lessons. I just want you to be happy.”


Jagara suddenly realized there were warm tears floating down her cheeks. When she realized this she took her hand and thrust it into the wound in her leg. She thrust it deeper until the pain in her leg overwhelmed the pain in her chest and made her forget about the tears. Tears were weakness and she wouldn’t have any of it. Harmona didn’t care about her anymore. She only cared about Darcia. Jagara didn’t need to care about her either. But still . . . She wanted her to be with her. At her side and away from Darcia.

The sound of padded footsteps reached her ears. She turned her head to see Number 23 walking slowly toward her. He had his ears and head down. He was afraid. Jagara smiled. At least she still held power over somebody.

“I see you escaped,” Jagara said softly. “But you come alone. You let them go. I should punish you, but it wouldn’t be fair.” She stood, wincing as pain shot up from her leg. “I let them go too. So, I‘ll tell you what. . . . Find them. For now make sure they don‘t escape. It should be easily in this maze of a castle. Just lead them down the wrong way. I‘ll take care of the rest.”

She looked at the wolf carefully to make sure he understood. Maybe she imagined it, but there seemed to be a trace of doubt in his wolf eyes. So as an extra precaution . . .

“Make sure you don’t fail. Don’t fail, and I’ll see what I can do about finding this “Blue” for you. You have my word.”
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[26 Mar 2005|12:39pm]

Darcia was operating on different time than those around him. He wondered, running down a long dark corridor, if this had anything to do with Hamona's healing magic or if it was just the chance of escaping this insane place. With the light weight of his beloved on his back, Darcia nearly flew through the hallways. Every so often, a guard would stand in place and shoot at them, but it seemed as if nothing to Darcia. In one swift movement, the noble wolf could maneuver between a man's legs or headbutt them into a wall. Either way, they'd be out of his path.

"Halt!" A new one seemed to spring out of no where. Darcia wondered if these guards knew magic or if there were some tricks to the keep that he knew nothing about.

Darcia didn't stop running at the man's demand, instead he rushed forward, teeth bared. In one clamp of his jaws, the man lay on the ground bleeding. It was the same no matter how many he encountered.

As the noble ran, he thought of Jagara. He knew she'd be furious once she caught up with him and take it out both on him and her sister. Not wanting this to happen, he knew he'd have to do anything to be free of this place. He doubted that Hamona would ever be safe within the walls after her kind act of defiance. Jagara's insane rage would see to it that Hamona wouldn't ever be able to do such magic again. And Darcia shuddered to think how Jagara would try to accomplish this.

"We'll be free soon, beloved," Darcia whispered to the unconscious woman on his back. "Just hang on."

He pressed forward then, adding speed to his pace. His renewed body felt good enough that he knew he wouldn't grow tired for a long time. Soon, Darcia found himself at the end of a hallway. There was no where to go now but into a new large room. He entered it slowly, preparing to be faced by a multitude of guards. When he saw familiar faces, he came to a shocked halt.

"Toboe? Tsume? Neze?" Darcia walked cautiously into the room, unsure if this was another of Jagara's traps. "Is that really you?"

(OOC-- Hey folks, I left this open for it to go wherever you all want. Cheza can be kidnapped or there... Toboe/Tsume can be in traps or free... etc etc. Have fun ^^)
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[20 Mar 2005|11:50am]

Hige watched as Darcia and Hamona disappeared in the direction he told them of. He didn't realize that there were guards scrambling along the Keep, coming from everywhere. Even if he told them the way out, they would have little chance of survival.

However, he knew that if he stayed at the Keep, he would be punished severely. As he padded down the halls, he thought what to do about his situation. His emotions were high. He thought of Jagara, who he didn't know wether to love or hate, bleeding from the wound she got from Darcia. He wanted to go and make her feel better, however he knew now was not the time. And this wolf named 'Blue', who was she and why did Darcia's words make her seem important?

Four soliders darted past Hige. For a brief moment he was thankful to be on Jagara's side. Another three went by him in a blur. Hige ignored them, walking along the wall trying to find the scent of that other wolf. He didn't realize he walked back into the room Jagara was in. Taking a breath, as if it could be his last, he padded toward her, with his ears and head down.
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[18 Mar 2005|02:20am]


Hi. Sorry for the OOC post but I wanted everyone to notice this. Everyone should get posting (yes, everyone). The whole lot of us are either a) in the keep or b) on the way to the keep. A lot's going on with Jagara/Hamona/Hige/Darcia but everyone else is off quiet. ^^ Don't hold back... throw yourself into the mix.

*Is an RP nerd* The best rps are the ones where everyone participates. And i want to try and help get everyone involved so if anyone wants an angle to get in, you can comment here and someone (if not me then Hige or Jagara or etcetcetc) will write you in.

So yes. Please try to get in the mix. It's more fun that way ^^.

*Until the next post!*
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[17 Mar 2005|05:03pm]

Without warning the black wolf bit into Jagara’s leg. Jagara began to say, “You’ll break your teeth on my armor fool,” but before she had even begun the sentence she heard a crack of her armor breaking and felt the sharp fangs pierce through her flesh. It was so unexpected that she could not contain a cry of pain. She instinctively raised her sword and prepared to plunge it into the beast. The was a flash of gold. Suddenly, there was Harmona standing in her way.

STOP! STOP IT! Please!

The sight of her made Jagara freeze in shock. How the hell did she get there? She watched in stunned silence as a circle of light glowed intensely before her. “Impossible,” Jagara thought. Even in that form and her memory wiped, her sister could still perform the ancient magic that had been handed down to them. Jagara was so confounded that she didn’t realize she took an involuntary step backwards. For a moment her mind left her, and drifted to a time long ago before her world had been destroyed. It was a happier time when the two sisters learned this ancient skill together. . .

The light faded, and Jagara’s mind slowly drifted back to the present. She saw Harmona’s body collapsed on the floor. “You fool,” she thought, “Of course you didn’t have the energy to complete such a powerful spell in your form.” She watched in a daze as Darcia picked up Harmona and ran out the door. She could let them go for now. Her guards were everywhere, and the keep was a fortress of mazes built to keep things in more than it was to keep things out. They could not escape.
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[17 Mar 2005|05:05am]

ooc; Toboe is sad.. I had a big beautful long post..i was in the middle of spell check and my dam computer restarted on its own for no reason.. its been doing that alot lately and i cant figure out why.. (*beats it to death* ;.;

i'll post again after i get some sleep ;.;
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